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Kristen Stewart, New Moon, Bella Swan

I love you, Kristen Stewart!

I know, the title is a bit weird because this livejournal is basically about Kristen so it's pretty obvious that I love/adore her.
But sometimes, I just have the big urge to say this. Especially after reading a bunch of hurtful comments about her, or after reading how people unashamedly talk about her personal life. Everyone knows that she wants to keep whats hers, hers and that she googles/ “Twitter-searches” herself and they still make comments like that. 

So every now and then I tweet “I love Kristen Stewart” so that when she googles/ “Twitter-searches”  herself, she reads it and sees that between all those delusional haters there are people who adore and respect her!

So Kristen, I know the chances that you read this are small and maybe even non-existant but just in case you do read this: I may have never met you and the sad reality is that I probably never will, but that doesn't change the fact that I look up to you. You are real and honest, and I hope that you wont let the hate change you in any way because you're perfect the way you are!
Kristen Stewart, I love you!